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To be very honest I was skeptical but needed help with a lot of personal issues, so I thought I would try hypnotherapy. I really didn’t know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised with the whole situation and outcome. I have had 2 sessions now and finding it has really changed my life and thinking. I was able to consult with Jeanette what I wanted help with and she has put a case together and we now work on this each session. Jeanette is very comforting and love what she does, which is easier to relax. I am extremely happy with my results so far and look forward to my next session.


Jeanette helped me with one particular anxiety that I was facing. I could feel a definite chance after just one session. I felt very comfortable throughout the experience and still feel grateful for the session, as the changes were very practical for me.


OMG you are a miracle worker… I felt the absolute pits and could hardly hold a conversation when I came to see you! I got more benefit from hypnosis with you than I have ever got with anyone or anything. Thank you for coming to my rescue xxx

Demiamor Leigh

Jeanette’s testimonial for being bloody amazing, A Summary:

It turns out I don’t know how to write a testimonial, I actually had to google some examples but they were all lame. Points I want to get across:

I have suffered from several severe mental health issues for the past decade
anxiety rules over a lot of my life, depression and the effects of my bi polar disorder coming out of left field at the exact wrong time has found me missing out on many opportunities
I had already had an interview at RTA before which went terribly as I had woken up that morning feeling like I was underwater, a toxic mixture of a depressive episode and anxiety I left that interview feeling ashamed and like a failure
months later I got another interview and was worried that the same situation was going to happen again – to the point where I had just resigned myself to not attending and that’s when Jeanette scooped me up into her hands like a baby bird. Super last minute, actually the night before my interview she offered to hypo therapy me insert details about the process that I don’t fully know/remember/understand but fully trusted her
she basically said that the outcome of the session would be that I wouldn’t feel the overwhelming anxiety and that I would remember the information and answers that I would need for the interview
even fully trusting her, I was sceptical because I can’t imagine not living life under the weight of those negative emotions
I went home and read my info for the interview without worry, just trusting I would retain the information flash forward to the next day
I went to the interview, I waited for the anxiety to come it never did
they took me in and asked me questions and I had fully formed answers to everything, things I said that I didn’t remember reading
I left the interview feeling good, feeling elated feeling light and mostly overwhelmed with relief knowing that I had just completed such a dreaded task flawlessly I couldn’t actually comprehend that I had just experienced no anxiety, pre-interview jitters sure, but anxiety? never came
I called Jeanette immediately practically crying on the phone relaying everything I was feeling it was an amazing sharing experience

Anyway I got the job, I haven’t felt anxiety since, re; training, retaining what they’re teaching us, or going to work in the contact centre, when usually the mere idea of a phone call will have me hiding from that responsibility

I would take a fatal bullet for Jeanette and her hypnotherapy services

Natalie Winter

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I never thought Hypnotherapy could work to the extent that it did during my first-ever session with Jeanette Thomas.

I had terrible memory recall for something as simple as remembering a name. It frustrated me, so I went to Jeanette, wanting to improve my retention of information as well as be able to recall it on demand.

The session was totally relaxing, much like meditation. and I felt safe with Jeanette guiding me through the session the whole way.
The session went reasonably quick for me, and what I didn’t expect was to discover the reason why I had issues with memory recall. This might sound scary, but in fact it was liberating! During the session, Jeanette gave me tools to be able to use outside of the session in order to help switch my memory recall on – as I demand it!

I was so happy with my session. I only needed the one for my memory recall, but I will definitely book Jeanette again for her assistance in other areas of my life.

Thanks Jeanette!